Tuesday, 24th April 2018


Overcast. No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

I have just had a couple of weeks off on leave so haven't really been keeping tabs on what has been happening with the fishing. Sorry for the lack of reports but where I was, there were no computers.

I will have to get out and about to have a look at the river as I see the diggers were having a field day.

The rain that we did get will have moved some fresh run rainbows up river and also should keep the browns ticking over.

Andrew was out in the Tongariro two days ago and caught some very nice fresh run fish nymphing using naturals.

I will just slowly ease back into the reports while I catch up.


A report just in today thanks to Wanganui Wayne.  Wayne writes:

Hi Sporting life crew.

Just back from a great trip from Turangi and it was great to catch up the A team at Sporting Life. The week had it’s ups and down where fish came and went often with my fly. At times it was hard fishing but others fine.The fish I managed to land were mostly fresh run. A couple had someones fly in them.Several small ones that were fun. Have enclosed a couple of photos. The brown was a little over 7lb. 60 cm long 13cm deep. Bright orange flesh. The rainbow was 5.4 lb and put a great fight, also great colour flesh. Several fish ranging from 3lb  to 5lb.. I also caught a double figure brown.Hook up and it went to ground in the current.  Decided to what and play it out.Every time I put pressure on it moved again. Eventually I decided to go for it,and it came in peacefully to find it was 2 very large pinecones.

At least it didn’t break off.  

Regards Wayne


waynes world 1 tongariro river fishing april 2018.jpg


waynes world 2 tongariro river fishing april 2018.jpg


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