Tuesday 24th May 2016


Overcast start to the day in Turangi. Cool. No wind at this stage.  The Tongariro is highly fishable as of 9:00am. No reports on the rivers to the North of Turangi yet.  

Boy was it a cool day yesterday.  It was one of those cold damp days that just chilled to the bone.  Best spent sitting beside the fire tying flies waiting for the sunshine !!!

The cooler, snowy temperatures and lower barometer with rainfall over the last week will have got some nice fresh rainbows moving ..... just need some time to get out and have a crack at them ! Any volunteers who want to work for me ?? The flows are nice for both nymphing and wetlining in the river at present.  Might pay to give the glo bug a burn along with some caddis and pheasant tails. 



(Above) Three anglers out fishing first thing this morning. After all the forecast weather ... it is business as usual on the Tongariro. The bonus at this stage is there is no wind.

(Below) Looking upstream from the S.H.1 road bridge at 8:15am this morning. There was a layer of cloud blocking out the blue sky.


(Below) There was a fairly good dusting of snow on some of the higher tops of the Kaimanawa Ranges this morning. I really enjoy the winter here in Turangi on those really nice crisp, frosty, sunny days with the hills coated in white. Fishing can be tough sometimes trying to keep the hands warm ..... especially when they keep getting wet releasing fish !!




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