Monday 24th August 2015


 Its the kind of morning where I think that it would be important to go out on the river with a rain jacket, all fishing attire and a hot coffee for the walk in. I didn't manage a walk down by the river this morning to have a look at it for you, but I did check out the river level online and at my first look I thought WOW the river is up and down like a yoyo!

But on further inspection I saw that this is the graph for over the last two days. So the weather that we have had hasn't increased the river all that much. Glo Bugs continue to be popular at the moment, and we have nearly every sort imaginable in stock, champagne to pink, white, yellow and blue. So if you want to try something a little new then come on in and have a look.

Our anglers continue to tell us that the river is fishing great! Which is so lovely to hear because this keeps our little town going, and what is equally lovely is having your photo of the fish you caught on our website! Don't be shy, send in your photos!

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