Wednesday 24th August 2016


Overcast with high cloud.  No rain as of 9:00am. No wind as of 9:00am.  All rivers are fishable.

I managed to get out for a flick on the Tongariro River on Sunday with my mate Aaron. The day was bright and sunny after another good frost.  I really enjoy fishing the days that are like this, especially if there is no wind. 

We got to the river and I let Aaron have a go.  I said to him to be ready in the first few casts as fish usually sit in a particular position.  He landed this one after about his 6th cast.

fly fishing new zealand tongariro river 1 jared 21082016.jpg

fly fishing new zealand tongariro river 5 jared 22082016.jpg

(Above) Aaron casting at the Sand Pool. This was just spectacular in the afternoon sun. The pool was really clear.  I like the greeny colour of this water. (Below) Getting a nice drift.  Making sure you get the correct drift of your flies means the difference between catching a fish or not catching a fish.  Generally I have found that this is the main reason why most anglers wont catch anything.  Anglers always say the "guy standing next to me was catching fish" or "everyone around me were catching fish", or in a lot of cases I hear "no one was catching anything" ;-) might be a case of not getting your drift or mending the line correctly.

fly fishing new zealand tongariro river 4 jared 22082016.jpg

(Below) I had a go and managed to hook this fish. Just check out how nice that water is.

fly fishing new zealand tongariro river 2 jared 21082016.jpg

(Below) This was a nice fat, fresh rainbow that I landed up at the Sand Pool. We nymphed most of the day in amongst eating lunch and generally soaking up the atmosphere in a fantastic part of the World !

fly fishing new zealand tongariro river 3 jared 22082016.jpg

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