Thursday, 24th August 2017


Fine and sunny.  A good frost to start the day today. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

I decided to go for a stroll on Tuesday and check out some more of the Tongariro.  I headed from the Red Hut Pool down to the Cattle Rustlers. The interesting thing was for most of the day I only encountered two other anglers. It was Paradise having most of the river to myself.

(Below) I encountered the bonnet of this car parked at the Red Hut carpark.  It was covered in pollen.  The pine pollen is out in force at present much to the detriment of hay fever sufferers.

pollen 1 jared 22082017.jpg

(Below) This is the Red Hut pool with the bridge suspended above it. The bridge is handy to stand on and watch anglers fish and to also spot fish in the water below. Over the summer I have seen plenty of visitors use the pool as a great swimming spot with a nice sandy beach to sit on and enjoy a picnic lunch.

pollen 2 jared 22082017.jpg

(Below) This is looking from the Cliff above the Duchess Pool.  Looking upstream you can see the Shag Pool.  The pool directly below the Cliff is the Duchess Pool.

pollen 3 jared 22082017.jpg


pollen 4 jared 22082017.jpg

(Above & Below) Two nice fish landed on the wetline.  I have been doing quite a bit more wetlining while the river has been up in flow.  It is a lot more relaxing than nymphing. 

pollen 5 jared 22082017.jpg

(Below) I hooked a few on the nymph as well just to give the day a bit of variety.

pollen 6 jared 22082017.jpg

(Below) This was a nice fresh fish caught on the glo bug nymphing.  Not long after this I lost a really good fish !!

pollen 7 jared 22082017.jpg

(Below) I enjoyed the stroll back to the car though the trees with the nice evening light filtering through.

I did notice a couple of Mayflies hatching during the day and I did see one fish rise.

pollen 8 jared 22082017.jpg

(Below) Graham Hamilton had been out fishing the Delta and caught these nice solid fish that look ready to run.  Plenty of fish should still run in September as well.

graham hamilton august 2017.jpg

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