Thursday 24th September 2015


The day appears sunny at this stage with just a light breeze. The Tongariro is highly fishable. It appears a few fish are on the turn in terms of quality now with more turning up spent.  Still, this is the actual process of how Mother Nature works.  The bonus is you then change your expectations from expecting quality of fish to fun fishing in respect that these fish are great fun to catch on the dry fly as they will then be in feeding mode. There will still be superb fresh fish filtering through the rivers but sometimes you will have to weed through plenty of spent ones to get a decent one. Always remember that "fishing beats working!".

Here is a little bit of delayed coverage from over a week ago thanks to Andrew Brown.  Andrew writes:

Hi Jared

I thought you might like to see the results from those flies you sold me over the weekend.   A great 8lb brown from the TT on Saturday morning, and the magnificent trophy safely in the pool room, away from Karl for another year.




(Above) I title this photo "Mr Brown meets Mr Brown".

(Below) Check this out for a trophy ! 


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