Monday 24th September 2018


Overcast with high cloud but fine here in Turangi this morning. A slight SW breeze, and no rain as of 9:45am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable. 

Don't forget that daylight savings begins on the evening of the 29th September.

Also a reminder that Lake Otamangakau and Lake Kuratau open for fishing on 1st October. Don't forget to pack some Winter Woollies as we generally are still not out of Winter here in Turangi until about the 1st or 2nd week of January !!

Anglers are now starting to use wee wets on the Tongariro as fish are rising and they are coming up to take them on the swing. The dry fly fishing on the Tongariro River can be very productive at this time of the year.  The thing that has helped us here has been the week long fine sunny weather with temperatures up to 20 degrees celcius. This weather has almost been better than what we get in Summer !!

We still have plenty of fresh run fish to come through the Tongariro and my suspicion would be quite a few hens have yet to run.  If the weather stays nice then we may see what happened quite a few years ago when fresh run hens would rise up and take a Mayfly dry fly during the day. Fingers crossed !

(Below) The " Catch O' the Day " from a couple of days ago.  I would say this would be the biggest catch on a Wee Wet fly .... I would say he would have winced with it going in and he certainly winced with it coming out !

wee wet wince 22092018 mayfly dry fly fishing north island new zealand tongariro river.jpg

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