Tuesday 24th November 2015


Another cracker day here in Turangi today.  The sun is shining and there is just a slight breeze.  All rivers are fishable. Anyone want to work today for me ?? Today is another one of those days that I would love to be out on the river. 

I decided to head out for a flick yesterday but what is this ?

Taller than the Sky Tower, 

Faster than a speeding epoxy bomb flying through the air ....... 

the Tongariro's #1 Slimefighter ......


So just think, while some of you are working hard, then others are hard at work "Fighting Slime !"

I also noticed a lack of anglers and plenty of fry in the edges of the river.




(Below) I originally went out to see if I could lift some fish with the dry fly. Not long after starting I had one come up out of about 5 foot of water to look. Not long after I had a fish basically jump out of the water to take my fly. I got such a fright I struck too soon ... I hooked it but not very good ... the hook pulled. Not long after I hooked and landed this fish on the dropper. I think I had about four or five come up with one taking the dry and the others taking the dropper.


(Below) I then changed to the nymph and hooked about another 10.  Lost a few and landed a few but all in all it was a good afternoon.






(Below) The fly I caught most of my fish on was the Green Beetle. Think I got about 5 on that.




(Above & Below) Most of the fish caught were recovering fish that are into feeding.  Most of them had marks on their bodies which I think was due to Shag strike as I noted a big black Shag lurking about. This one had quite a cut to it.




(Below) I got one Sardine who's eyes were bigger than its belly and took the bomb !






(Below) Why go to the tropics to catch a Bone Fish ?  Just stay here !  This one was well and truly stripped of its flesh.  It appears to have been in the water a while.




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