Thursday 24th November 2016


Fine and sunny with some early morning cloud burning off. No wind first thing in the morning but this could pick up to be quite gusty during the day.  All rivers are clear and fishable. 

I decided to head up to Lake Otamangakau on Tuesday to have a look around now that we finally have some decent weather. I wanted to try a few things with the spinning rod to have a bit of a play and to just have a relaxing day off, also to do a bit of sightseeing and eat my lunch in a nice place. 

lake 3 otamangakau 22112016.jpg

(Above) This is the inlet canal. This is where the water from the Whakapapa intake comes out of the ground.

(Below) Looking downstream to Lake Te Whaiaiu. Fishing in the river upstream of this bridge (behind me) is prohibited all year round. Fishing can be done from the left of the picture, straight ahead and in to Lake Te Whaiau in the distance.

I hooked a good sized rainbow in this canal but it spat the hook.

lake 6 otamangakau 22112016.jpg

(Below) The boat ramp at Lake Te Whaiau looking to the bridge that heads towards the main Lake O boat ramp.

lake 1 otamangakau 22112016.jpg

(Below) The main boat ramp at Lake Otamangakau with the weed control pontoons around the area.

There were about half a dozen boats fishing here on Tuesday.

lake 2 otamangakau 22112016.jpg

(Below) I had just had lunch and then went back to the car to get my gear.  I was sitting on the bank in the shade tying on a new lure and I just happened to look up and about a meter in front of me a brown trout of about 6lbs went cruising past !!  My eyes nearly popped out of my head !!!  It was really cool to see. I thought it had gone but not long and it was back cruising its beat.  They usually cruise a beat around the weeds looking for food.  I rigged up a system with a dangling nymph and had this about 3m in front of me.  It came up and investigated and I thought was going to take the nymph but it just slid past and I think the nymph tickled it down the side and it shot off into the deep water. It came past a few times on its beat, sometimes passing under my 6' spinning rod !!!!

lake 4 otamangakau 22112016.jpg

(Below) Because the fish was cruising I had my camera on standby.  One time the fish was heading straight for me and it sped up.  I thought it is coming for me !!!!  It was about 2 and a half meters away ... next thing it shot to the surface to grab something ... whatever it grabbed must have been really small as I couldn't see anything. Really cool to see.  I might have to go back up there and just take my camera to get some better pictures.

lake 5 otamangakau 22112016.jpg


waipakihi 1 river 22112016.jpg

(Above & Below) I had enough of Lake O and wanted to have a go spinning on the upper Tongariro at the Waipakihi River.  Since it was a nice day I cruised around from Lake Otamangakau. Not long after arriving I was into fish. My experience over the years is that they are generally all this size.  I have had one that went about a pound and a half, however they are feisty little suckers.

waipakihi 2 river 22112016.jpg

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