Friday 24th November 2017


Overcast, hot and humid.  We got up to 26 degrees celcius here in Turangi yesterday according to my thermometer.  Been waiting all Winter for some summer temperatures like that !!  All rivers are clear and fishable. 

Wow !!  We have had some great reports from Boat anglers fishing out on Lake Taupo over the last week.  Some REALLY good reports from the jiggers and also the trollers are doing quite well.  Some nice conditioned fish in amongst them. 

We had local angler Graham Hamilton in the shop yesterday who had caught another nice fat rainbow from Lake Taupo.  He brought in the finished "product" to show a comparison of the before and after.  To the top of the picture below are two nicely smoked fillets which Graham had prepared earlier.  He let out a few little secrets which he said to pass on to others not knowing what to do with their trout.

First up after filleting he salts the fish.  Leave a while for the salt to soak into the fish ( I usually leave covered in the fridge overnight). Just prior to smoking he sprinkles a little bit of brown sugar onto the fillets and then he said sprinkle with Masterfoods Moroccan seasoning. Smoke away and then after smoking squeeze a little bit of lemon juice on and enjoy !

Quite a few anglers I speak to like to catch trout but don't actually like eating them, others love them and can't get enough. Out of all the trout I catch, I would be lucky if I eat 5 or 6 a year myself !


smoked trout 1 turangi 23112017.jpg

(Below) Check out the colour of these fillets from the trout in the picture above.  Graham does an immaculate job at filleting his trout .... me ... I tend to hack !! I get one side ok and then the other side always goes pear shaped ... one thing I do find that helps is to put your fish on dry newspaper and it stops it from slipping all over the show !

smoked trout 2 turangi 23112017.jpg

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