Saturday 24th November 2018


Overcast and raining here in Turangi today. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

Quite a few angles are catching some really good fish in the Tongariro at present. Quite a few are reporting some very nice conditioned rainbows. We have been lucky this Spring that conditions for fishing have been ideal.  Plenty of warm days to get the insect life going and the odd rainy days to keep the water fresh.

The round Lake Taupo Cycle race is on today so you wont want to venture too far in the car to go to a fishing spot.

The photos below are thanks once again to my roving reporter Jens.  Jens writes:


…..we found a lot of fish again today with both of us shipping water into our waders…..old age creeping up???


tongariro river fly fishing 1 jens nov 2018.jpg

(Above) I wonder if Jens had spotted a fish in this puddle ? Some people don't like the rain but the way I look at it is " if we didn't have rain then we wouldn't have fish " !

(Below) Grey looking sky here in Turangi today.

tongariro river fly fishing 2 jens nov 2018.jpg


tongariro river fly fishing 3 jens nov 2018.jpg

(Above & Below) Some chunky looking fish caught on the caddis dry fly for the evening rise.

tongariro river fly fishing 5 jens nov 2018.jpg

(Below) Jens and Uwe look like they have been into some great fish for their trip here to Turangi.

tongariro river fly fishing 4 jens nov 2018.jpg


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