Thursday 25th January 2018


Overcast, warm and humid. No rain as of 9:00am. No wind either. The Tongariro is flowing at 38 cumecs and fishable. 

It is funny ... yesterday the sun came out, the cloud disappeared and THE WIND picked up !  It seems that when it is overcast we don't get much wind and when it is fine it is windy.

Andrew was out and about yesterday and said a few fish rose to the cicada but seems like nymphing was more effective.

I managed to get out after work.  I started off nymphing but only picked up a couple of Sammy's but as the light changed picked up a recovering rainbow. I also swung a wet and had a good take on that but never had it on long enough to see what it was.  Peter Carty tied up a baby rainbow pattern that I was using. 

I saw something last night I hadn't seen before. A group of ducks were just below me padding in the slack water.  As the rise started I noticed caddis crawling over the rocks.  Every so often a duck would swim out into the current and scoop something off the surface of the water before paddling back into the slack water. They did this quite a few times. I've never witnessed a duck feeding on the evening rise before !  A few years ago I  watched a duck in the lower river swimming under the willows, flap its wings a bit so it could extend its head up to the lower branches and was getting cicadas off the branches and eating them !

There was a good hatch of caddis but very few fish seemed to rise.  I saw about three or four good sized fish broach the surface. I have seen lots of small trout fry in the shallow edges of the river. 

The river has been running fairly high most of the Summer.  We have had quite a bit of rain over the last few weeks (if it hasn't been raining in town then the surrounding hills have had thunder showers).  The river would normally be down to 23-25 cumecs but it has been 35-45 for a while.  I have kind of almost done better on the wetline.  The river last night looked to have had a dark olive colour to it.  Quite a few people have turned up to the area and can't believe how green it it here.

evening fishing 1 tongariro river 24012018.jpg

(Above) A nice evening on the Tongariro yesterday ... a pesky wind blowing straight into my face here.  A hard side to fish with the sunlight directly in my eyes. Also just after this I was swamped by Mosquitoes !

(Below) An angler doing some nice roll casts.

evening fishing 2 tongariro river 24012018.jpg

(Below) I picked this one up on a bead headed hares nymph.

evening fishing 3 tongariro river 24012018.jpg

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