Wednesday 27th May 2015


All rivers in great condition and looking good for the week-end ahead.

Jared is away until next Tuesday some reports will be "general" but will try to keep you informed.


Bbbrrrr a good dumping of snow on the local mountains this morning. The winds have tapered off a bit and the sun has come out.  The Tongariro is in great condition few brave anglers heading out.

Getting lots of anglers in raving how great the fishing is at the moment. Ahhhhhh music to my ears for a change.  When it is easy it is easy but when it is not, then it is interesting how it is always someone else's fault ?? When it is not easy then you will see those who catch fish will always be in the top 10%. 

Some anglers have almost re-discovered the joys of fishing having had long absences, being out and about on a nice sunny day, spending time with their mates, enjoying being in nature and most importantly of all .... not having to work (have I actually mentioned catching a fish here ?). 

One of the most asked questions I get is "When is the best time to go fishing ?".  Over many years I have pondered this question and I know the answer that every angler would like to hear, however my standard answer to this question now is "Whenever YOU feel like going!"

(Below) Snow covering the top of Mt Pihanga Monday. It was about half way down the bush line but has melted since .


(Below) With the number of fish in the rivers, they must have had to have passed through the mouths. 001 was out the other night and secured these three crackers at one of the river mouths. Really nice superb fish almost the same length as the newspaper ! Once in the river with reports from anglers over the last few weeks ... if you hook 10 you are more than likely going to land about 4 !!!



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