Friday 25th May 2018


Overcast with dark ominous looking clouds. Rain at times. Thor's hammer is pounding ( thunder).  Andrew said the Tongariro looked ok to fish this morning.  The river is still up to about 80 cumecs but Andrew said it looked quite good to fish.  This may change later in the day though as we had a wild night here in Turangi last night.  Thor was pounding with his hammer most of the night and boy did it rain at times !!!

If you are keen for a fish, try the Tauranga-Taupo below the road bridge, Tokaanu Tailrace, Kuratau Spit, Omori Stream Mouth or Kuratau Stream mouth.

Also a reminder that the upper reaches of fishable rivers close for the season at the end of this month.  Also Lake Otamangakau closes at the end of this month for the season.



(Below) A little bit of delayed coverage from last week thanks to John Morgan.  This was a horse ! John caught this good solid Tongariro Brown trout on the wetline. He also caught it in dirty water.  The number of times anglers walk into the shop and tell us the river is too dirty to fish and we tell them otherwise is quite amazing. Your chance to catch one of these beasts increases with the dirty water.  The thing that amazes me is anglers have spent all of the time and effort to get here to Tuangi to fish and if we tell them to go fishing in the dirty water they think we are strange and generally don't heed the advice.  John writes:


Hi Jared,
Here is pic of brown I landed last Thursday in dirty water, on a size 10 Black and purple rabbit. I tried to release it but it was bleeding from the gills so it is now at the taxidermists The fish weighed 5.19 kgs (11.25 lbs) 72 cms long cheers John


john morgan 11 and quarter pound huge tongariro brown trout may 2018.jpg

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