Thursday 25th June 2015


-3.2 degrees celcius in Turangi this morning, sunny and no wind at this stage. Perfect for fishing !! Yesterday had about 50% of reports seeing anglers having a ball and the other 50% not doing so good. Still, it beats working !

Reports have filtered through of some very nice fresh fish with other anglers picking up slabby / resident fish.

Reports also of changes to the river in places. "One Pool Wonders" spring to mind here.  If you are the angler that only fishes one pool and you know it like the back of your hand then all of a sudden in a big flood you may be left wondering where your one pool has gone and your fish source will dry up. Exploring the river and water opens up the ability of being able to "Read Water". The ability to do this allows you to look at the river once it has settled and get straight back into catching fish in likely looking water. Also if there are 20 people fishing your one pool you don't have to compete with them and have the option to head around a corner and fish a pool all to yourself (if you like doing that ).


(Above) A little bit more delayed coverage from Tuesday showing two anglers at the Hinemaiaia Mouth. You can see the line of dirty water extending out into the lake and the change between the dirty and clear. The marker pole to the left is a reference point for boat anglers which denotes that a river mouth is nearby and to stay clear by 300m.  The marker pole is a reference only and should not be taken as the 300m point as the lake level fluctuates and sometimes in a low lake situation this pole could be 100m away from where the river mouth actually enters the lake.  The new 300m will be from where the mouth enters the lake (see cut out of regulations in blue below). Fly fishermen are able to fish within this 300m radius (gives them a fair chance that the boaties can't reach either trolling, jigging, harling or spinning).


landmark means a white, black and yellow ringed post or buoy

22 Restriction on use of boats

(1) A person must not take trout from a boat in the following places:

(c) those portions of Lake Taupo contained within arcs of circles having a

radius of 300 m from the centre of the mouth or mouths of all rivers and

streams entering Lake Taupo


guts 1.jpg

(Above & Below) Wondered why the fish are in good nick this year ?  This is the email I received the other day thanks to Grant Hassell.  Grant writes:

Hi Jared,

Just thought I would send over those pics of Lyn's fish caught in Tokaanu Bay over summer period a year back. It weighed around 4 1/2 lb and had around 63 koura of varying states in it's gut. After all that it still had enough room for a grey ghost fly. 

Cheers Craig Hassell

guts 3.jpg


guts 2.jpg


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