Saturday 25th July 2015


Bbbrrr another cold frost this morning. I got -2.5 degrees on my gadget !  This will make the rod guides freeze up for the early and not so early anglers. After many years of fishing my strategy is now to sleep in and stay in the warm cosy bed for as long as possible, get up and have a leisurely breakfast, slowly put my waders and boots on and take my time to get the fishing rod ready and then hit the river mid morning after all of the early birds have got up and nearly frozen to death and had enough of the fishing ;-) Make sure the sun is well up over the yard arm first before venturing out, fish till about 3pm in the afternoon and beat the shadows home. 

I've been flat out in the shop for the last couple of days. Most anglers through the shop for the last few days have found the wetlining to be quite good. Woolly Buggers appear to be the flavour of the day. For the nymphers it appears glo bugs are still on the menu.  A few going for the soft milking eggs.

A few groups and clubs appear to be heading to Turangi for their annual trips.


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