Monday 25th July 2016


Overcast with the odd passing shower. Plenty of snow about the tops of the Kaimanawa Ranges. The Tongariro is about 40 cumecs and fishable this morning.

For those of you who wanted rain ..... well ..... we got it over the weekend.  The Tongariro came up to 308 cumecs but today has dropped right back in volume to a fishable level of around 40 cumecs.  The weather was atrocious over the weekend. A good Winter storm. We seem to be back to the W / SW weather pattern from a few years ago. 

This should move fish into all rivers. The only drawback is that I now have to go and check out the river once again to see if there have been any major changes in the Tongariro. It seems to be a river that you need to be fishing on a regular basis to keep up with those changes. Deviating away from fishing this river to "easier" options will not allow you to know what you need to know to extract fish from it. 

I just spoke to an angler who fished the Hinemaiaia yesterday and said the wind was howling over the top of him but he was in the river in near perfect conditions.  The river held a touch of colour and he said it was great !  Most others look to have blown out. 

The snow and low barometer are ideal conditions to get plenty of fish to run. These numbers should build as we head towards September (flood dependent). 

tongariro river fly fishing hydro pool 25072016.jpg

(Above) Looking upstream to the Hydro Pool at 12:45pm today.  The sun has come out and the river has gone down from the 308 cumec flood over the weekend.  Here it is flowing at about 35-40 cumecs and is highly fishable for either wetlining or nymphing.  There were a couple of anglers at the head of the Hydro Pool and one opposite the Mangamawhitwhiti Stream.

(Below) Looking downstream towards the Major Jones swing bridge. Just a nice touch of colour to the river this afternoon which is ideal for wetlining and nymphing.

tongariro river fly fishing major jones bridge 25072016.jpg

(Below) One angler fishing the Breakfast Pool at 12:45pm today. 

fly fishing tongariro river breakfast pool 25072016.jpg


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