Tuesday, 25th July 2017


Fine and sunny with some cloud about. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is highly fishable today.

I managed to get out for a flick on the Tongaririo yesterday with my brother in law, Trevor.  The river was still running high which in my experience will put a lot of anglers off fishing as it is "too high" and "too dirty" and most will wait until it comes down to a fishable level ( here's a hint ... change yourself to suit the conditions ).

What a boomer day it was.  While Trevor was setting up his rod I thought I would have a quick wetline .... 1st cast ... bang ... a snag  .... bugger, cleared that then second cast .. bang ... bugger another snag ..... hang on this snag is shaking ... cool it is a fish !!  Landed that one ... lost a couple of flies and then decided to change to the nymph. It was all on.

Most anglers tend to shy away from the high water and the coloured water but over the years this can be a bonus for you if you pick your spots. If you wait until it is too clear then you may miss some VERY good opportunities.

Glo Bugs were the order of the day and were readily taken. We landed quite a few jacks, also had a few bust offs and released a few more fish.

(Below) Trevor busy watching the indicator in the nicely coloured water of the Tongariro yesterday.

high 4 water 24072017.jpg

(Below) The fish I landed on the wetline.

high 1 water 24072017.jpg

(Below) A solid jack that put up a good fight.

high 2 water 24072017.jpg

(Below) A god sized fat hen that was full of roe.

high 3 water 24072017.jpg

(Below) Trevor landed this quite nice solid fish.

high 5 water 24072017.jpg


high 6 water 24072017.jpg


high 7 water 24072017.jpg


high 8 water 24072017.jpg


high 9 water 24072017.jpg

(Below) There were a good mixture of fish landed and lost.  Trevor wanted to keep a few to give to his parents.  The new six bag limit has been in force since the start of the month but some anglers may forget in the 1980's when there were twice as many anglers the bag limit then was 8 per angler and the fish quality was reported as much better.

There is one issue that you may encounter if you do decide to take your 6 fish.  This will be how to carry them back to the car ! Talking to some of the guys who fished in the 80's when the bag limit was 8 some used to use a sugar sack to carry them. Also remember that not all fisheries are the same and the Taupo Fishery has traditionally been a fishery where you are encouraged to take and keep some fish. Not all fisheries are the same but this one produces plenty of fish which have to at some stage compete for food.

A reminder that the current bag limit is 6 per angler per day and the keepable size is greater than 35cm.

high 10 water 24072017.jpg

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