Tuesday 25th August 2015


Rain, rain and more rain.  The ground is pretty saturated around the district now. It does not take much for the levels to rise when the ground is like this. The Tongariro has come up to about 48 cumecs overnight.  This is still fishable with a nymph and wetline. Anglers have reported pumice in places. More heavy rain is forecast today. Watch volumes and levels.

The last few days I've had reports of fish taking naturals such as caddis and mayfly nymphs. These could possibly be starting to wiggle a bit and move around due to the longer days that we are now experiencing. Only another month off and we should start to see some of the first hatches in the evening.

A few more anglers commenting on some of the changes in the Tongariro due to the flooding this year.

Today marks the start of the Fireman's Fishing competition.  This runs for three days with about 50 anglers participating.  There are usually teams who fish the lake and teams who fish the rivers. This has been running for nearly 30 years now. It is usually a fun event with some sneaky competition, but its a good time had by the anglers! Some come a few days early to get their eye in and investigate the best opportunities and others just turn up.  Sometimes the "guns" struggle and other years they clean up!

The pictures and email below are thanks to local fishing guide Andrew Christmas.  Andrew writes:

Hi Jared
Here is Phil Norman, over the past week I think he landed 80 or 90- fish. Great customer of mine and the shop due to broken rods, lol Thanks for the new wet line it sure worked well combined with Woolly Buggers and Rabbits. Everyone enjoying this winter.
Andrew Christmas


(Above & Below) Phil ... the very happy angler !





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