Friday, 25th August 2017


Overcast, cool. No wind as of 9:00am this morning here in Turangi today. The Tongariro is highly fishable and is flowing at about 37 cumecs. All rivers are highly fishable and in need of your flies this weekend ...

Might pay to keep your eyes peeled as I saw some hatching Mayflies the last few times I have been out.  Usually about mid afternoon.  

(Below) I received these photos and email on Wednesday thanks to Kathryn Vinten who was fishing up at the Hinemaiaia River. A nice little river to fish, very scenic with plenty of twists and turns and a nice bush setting.   Kathryn writes: 


Hi Jared

My first time ever on the Hinemaiaia (after all these years!!) and this was the first of two landed within a few minutes of each other. Stunning weather, scenery .....and the fishing wasn't bad either.
I spotted the fungus growing on a dead log along the track. So delicate and intricate.  I think it's a turkey-tail fungus (according to Google).


 kathryn 1 vinten hinemaiaia aug 2017.jpg


kathryn 2 vinten hinemaiaia aug 2017.jpg


jared 1 wetline 23082017.jpg


 (Above & Below) A little bit of delayed coverage from Wednesday. I went out for another wetline and met up with Harley from Tauranga way and had a good chat to him.  He was going through the motions of fishing while his wife was up the Mountain skiing but a hand injury was forcing him to lie down and recline on the riverbank and taking it easy ... the best type of fishing technique ... nice and relaxed.  

He let me slip into the river and a few swings of the wetline and I hooked up these two fish .... plus a heap of snags !!

jared 2 wetline 23082017.jpg

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