Friday 25th September 2015


Wow !  What a cracker of a day here in Turangi today.  Fine and sunny and no wind.  A perfect Spring day ! Makes working look like a poor option to spend a day !!

Just a reminder that school holidays starts at the end of the day today and runs for the next two weeks. Should be a good time to head this way with the youngsters as there is still plenty of snow on Mt Ruapehu and lots of fish in the rivers.  Too much to do and too little time !

Also remember that there is a recreation release in the Tongariro tomorrow.

The Poutu Intake release generally provides excellent fishing as the river flows increase. Most anglers then find the river gets too dirty as the extra flush of water disturbs clarity. The flow rates can be dependent on how much rain we have been having at the time.  General reports are that the river level is good and then it takes about 1-2 hrs for the dam water to reach town.

If the water is released at 9:00am usually around 10-10:30am the higher dirtier water then starts to take effect.  Same at the other end of the day if the water is turned off at 4:00pm then the river drops around 5-6:00pm.

The false flow give the fish a bit of an urge to move and the dirtier water helps aide the angler if the river has been low and clear for some time.  The extra flows also have the effect of moving the fish in closer to the banks out of range of the faster currents mid stream.

Here is a little bit of delayed coverage from yesterday.  This is Peter Bingham with his limit of three fish caught in the Tongariro.




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