Tuesday 25th October 2016


Overcast, light drizzly rain falling at times. Cool NW. All rivers are fishable as of 9:00am. The weather for Labour Weekend was quite good. A nice sunny day on Sunday which should have been a great chance for the boaties to have a lash out on Lake Taupo. Labour Weekend has usually been the kick off for the boating season, however over the last five or six years some have been fishing the Lake all year round now.  Usually around this time of the year the days get longer and start getting warmer and things tick away. There are still a lot of fish running the rivers. Hopefully the rivers get a good flush in the next month or so to blow the spent fish back out into Lake Taupo to feed up and gain condition prior to the Christmas Holidays. Another month or so and the green beetles should start making an appearance.

The pictures below were from Labour Weekend and are of Mathew (4yrs) and his dad Chris from Lower Hutt.  This was from the 23rd of October and was caught in Stump Bay. This was Mathew's 1st fish.

chris 1 jones october 2016.jpg

(Above) Mathew and his first trout.

(Below) Mathew, his trout and his Dad Chris.

chris 2 jones october 2016.jpg




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