Wednesday 25th November 2015


Fine and sunny with some high cloud about. All rivers are fishable. Another cracker day to be out and about fishing.  At this stage very little wind. 

With the slightly warmer temperatures and sunshine, this appears to be getting the insects and bug life working. Yesterday I spoke to another boat angler who had been doing quite well on the browns. Big lures are what he took .... most likely theory of "big bait, big fish".  The last week or two I have seen quite a few pictures of good browns caught out in Lake Taupo. 

Also with the better weather then Lake O should be worth a go.

Unfortunately I have to report that the lovely "Web Apprentice" Yvette has decided that she needed to seek greener grass on the other side of the fence, so you are back to me and no reports on my days off ! 

The Tongariro continues to hold a lot of fish and most anglers are having quite a bit of fun. Some struggling during the day but will then wait for the evening rise to have a chance at catching fish that give themselves away.  During the day if you know what you are doing then the fishing is fantastic.  The anglers that struggle during the day who then see the fish rising in the evening find it hard to believe they can't catch them during the day. I say to them that those fish are still there during the day.  This is where those with skill and knowledge of insect life will out fish any other angler. The picture below was sent in overnight thanks to 001.

This is "Red Panda's" first evening rise trout. 


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