Friday 25th November 2016


Overcast. No wind as of 9:00am. The rain just started as of 9:00am.  All rivers are clear and fishable. Quite a few anglers are still fishing the Tongariro with some great nymphing reported. The evening rise appears to have tapered off somewhat after the flood we had a week or so back.

Some great fishing has been reported up at Lake Otamangakau over the last 2-3 weeks and reports of some good sized fish being caught in the last week or two. 

(Below) We had this young angler in the shop yesterday who showed us what he had caught up Lake O way a few days earlier in the week.  This is Gregoire Bornand of Switzerland and a magnificent brown trout that he managed to land. He said he was using a #5 rod and it took half an hour to land. The fish was 31 inches (79cm) in length.  He never had scales so the weight is unknown. Also landed on 0.16mm nylon. 


gregoire bornand  22 or 23 november 2016.jpg

(Below) Local angler Graham Hamilton has been out fishing at the Southern End of Lake Taupo once again. He has been enjoying the relatively few "sunny" days that we have had so far this Spring. Andrew reported he had three keepers in the boat.

graham hamilton lake taupo 23112016.jpg

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