Thursday 26th January 2017


Fine and sunny start here in Turangi this morning.  Almost felt like a frost !!!  All rivers are fishable. No wind as of 9:00am.

The Tongariro is nice and fishable but it took a few days for the water to clear.  It sort of held a little bit of a milky colour.  This should have benefited anglers either nymphing or on the wetline. The other day when the sun was out the cicadas were chirping like mad along the riverbank.  The track has been cleared from the Major Jones pool to the Judges Pool.  Workers were going hard out with the mower and weed whacker yesterday. The track from the Red Hut up the true right side of the river to the Boulder Reach is getting a bit overgrown so hopefully that gets a buzz soon. 


jason bleibtreu jan 2017.jpg

(Above) This photo and email was sent in yesterday thanks to Jason Bleibtreu.  Jason writes:

Sporting Life,

Too big for the net. This mornings catch and release by River Birches Lodge guest Yasuo Kobayashi of Japan. Caught in a local pool this morning.


Jason Bleibtreu
River Birches Lodge


jigging lake taupo flesh 2 colour 24012017.jpg

(Above & Below) Local boat fishing angler Graham Hamilton was in the shop the other day showing us the fillets of the trout he had caught earlier jigging out in Lake Taupo.  This year anglers have reported some fantastic conditioned fish. We are all looking forward to the river fishing this year seeing what we have been seeing from the Lake. Might have to notch it up from 8lb to 10 lb nylon this year in the river !

jigging lake taupo flesh 1 colour 24012017.jpg


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