Friday 26th January 2018


Overcast yet again !  Humid. No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is clear and fishable. It is flowing at 36 cumecs. This year the river has remained about 10 cumecs higher than its normal flow of about 25 cumecs. We have had quite a lot of rain so far this Summer.  Quite interesting considering some other parts of the country have been dry, however on reflection back in time I always remember some part of the country being in drought while another part is flooding ! Of course with the wetter conditions that we have been having, more puddles have been around which is good Mosquito breeding habitat !

I managed to get out for a flick after work last night on the Tongariro. I'm quite impressed with what I am seeing after the flood.  The river looks nice and clean. Some nice looking water that ... if it stays ... will be good fishing water for the Winter. 

I picked up a few fish, and lost a few. All up I think i hooked about 7.  I hooked a big black rainbow jack on the nymph that managed to go around an obstruction in the river which I managed to clear.  As I pulled the line came free, he jumped out of the water away from me and busted off taking the nymph with him ! I also got smoked by one when using my Sporting Caddis. 

There was a rise last night albeit very fickle. The fish rise a couple of times and that is about it.


stag pool 1 tongariro river 25012018.jpg

(Above) Looking upstream to the Stag Pool. The "Reef" you can see further up the river is now more in the middle of the river now. A nice channel has formed to the left of the picture.

stag pool 2 tongairo river 25012018.jpg

(Above) This was a strange shaped fish.  Fairly long but not very deep.  It put up a pretty good fight though. It was a really nice silver colour.

(Below) The curse of anglers at the moment ... another "Sammy The Sardine "

stag pool 3 tongariro river 25012018.jpg

(Below) A good sized rainbow landed on the Sporting Caddis. They really fight well when hooked on one of these.

stag pool 4 tongariro river 25012018.jpg

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