Monday 26th February 2018


Overcast cool start to the morning today. No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

Me tinks the worm has turned for the weather ..... the days are really noticeably shorter now.  Quite dark first thing in the morning.  Cool crisp weather seems to have appeared. The poplar tree in the yard two or three down from my house has really gone yellow now. A welcome relief from the heat and humidity of a few weeks ago.  Most people panic about the weather we get but we are never more than a few weeks away from the weather changing ... something we can't do much about is the tilt of the Earth in relation to the Sun, so as the length of days change, so does the weather.  

We had some reports last week of some nice fresh rainbows caught in the Tongariro.   Possibly the first of the early runs starting to head through.  The dirty water produced by Cyclone Gita may have just been enough of a trigger for them to run.  Just remember that it is still early days yet and they wont be in huge numbers so beating the feet and fishing a variety of water will still be needed to secure fish. Some anglers have done quite well and others haven't even seen a fish in the river. One angler I spoke to the other day had caught 6.  A few still reporting some juvenile fish that are attacking their flies before the bigger fish can have a chance to take. 

I headed out for a fish last night.  Since I am progressing in age I figure that it is time I spent more time with the wetline to master the technique of swinging a fly .... as my reactions slow and my eyesight dims then my reaction times for nymphing will become diminished and swinging and retrieving a wetlfy will be needed ... plus the holes in the eyes of the wetflies are easier to thread nylon through than a size #16 nymph ;-) 

I have been enjoying fishing different types of water with the sinking line. Also trying different things like Czech Nymphing a woolly bugger to get it to sink more, heave and leaving and swinging the wets.  It has been good to be able to fish different types of water than the nymph or dry fly.


wetlining 1 jared 25022018.jpg

(Above) I picked this fish up in some heavy flowing water.  Not an overly big fish but boy did it put up a good fight.

(Below) It absolutely nailed the woolly bugger.  I picked up another good sized rainbow but lost it just as I was fiddling around unhooking my net from my vest.

wetlining 2 jared 25022018.jpg



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