Sunday 26th March 2017


Overcast with the odd bit of light drizzle falling at times.  No wind. The Tongariro is fishable. 

There are some good sized browns in the river at present. Definitely worth fishing for. A good time is at night, however a lot of anglers I speak to find that is "cocktail" time and miss some really good opportunities to land some great fish.

If we get some good rain out of this current weather pattern then it may entice more browns to move and also possibly a few pulses of fresh rainbows to move. 

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for my Swedish mate Kjell to supply me with some photos for the website ..... so in the end I had to go and see if there were any fish in the river.  I went out for a flick last night and had a good evening.

I started off nymphing and hooked two and lost them both... found it a bit quiet. Next I saw one fish rise in the same place twice and then swung my Sporting Caddis over the location.  Two casts and I landed a rainbow !  Changed to the sinking line and then managed to land four browns. 

The browns are interesting creatures.  The fly swings then you feel .. nibble, nibble .... next thing they must shake their heads ... shake , shake , shake , then they usually run upriver and you can wind them in like towing a wet sack. Next when they get close to the bank about 4 meters in front of you (this is the best time to throw your washing in the water) .... the fish thrash like you wouldn't believe whipping the water to froth and foam (this would be good to agitate the dirt out of the clothes if you didn't want to put them through the washer at home) ... then they usually do a little run out into the pool straight out from the bank and then you pull them back in !


huge tongariro river brown trout 5 25032017.jpg

(Above) This was a really fat and plump brown trout that I landed last night. I was struggling to lift it out of the water for the photo. (Below) "Jaws" prior to release. I didn't weight the fish last night as I don't like to take too much time to keep them out of the water.

huge tongariro river brown trout 7 march 25032017.jpg

(Below) Looking from above at the same fish as the photos above. Just to give you some idea of the weight this thing was carrying. 

huge tongariro river brown trout 6 25032017.jpg

(Below) Another one landed ... released also.

huge tongariro river brown trout 2 25032017.jpg

(Below) Another nice fresh brown.

huge tongariro river brown trout 1 25032017.jpg


huge tongariro river brown trout 3 25032017.jpg

(Above & Below) The same fish. Released also. Just remember these are sneaking past you while you are having "cocktails" or if you are asleep.  "Waiting" until the fishing is good is not a good idea either .... if you wait too long ... it may never be any good ;-)

huge tongariro river brown trout 4 25032017.jpg



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