Wednesday 26th April 2017


Fine and sunny start here in Turangi this morning. Almost a frost. No wind.  All rivers are clear and fishable. 

I am back in the hot seat after having two and a half weeks away on holiday. Not sure what has been happening in the fishing department but once I have been here for a few days will get on top of things. 

Talking to the boys it sounded like a quiet period over Easter due to the cyclone and weather but as the school holidays progressed and the weather improved things have picked up.

Pete reports some fresh fish moving up the Tongariro particularly around the town pools. Temperatures have been quite crisp in the morning with almost light frosts.  Trees are really changing colour and losing their leaves now.  The next month or two will see bach owners spending most of their time cleaning up leaves rather than fishing !  


motuoapa 1 marina 25032017.jpg

(Above) Looking across to the Motuoapa Peninsula on an absolutely cracker day yesterday.  The Motuoapa motor camp is to the top left of the picture with the Licorice Cafe in the bottom left.

(Below) I went to see how things were progressing with the Motuoapa Marina Development.  It is looking pretty sharp at the moment. Should be a fantastic facility once it is completed.

motuoapa 2 marina 25032017.jpg

(Below) Earthworks still underway. The area to the left of the earthworks I understand is going to be a new boat ramp with parking and further to the right a grassed area and further to the right will be a swimming beach. A great place to head to for picnics.

motuoapa 3 marina 25032017.jpg

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