Thursday 26th April 2018


 Fine and sunny.  Calm as of 9:00am.  It is getting really cold in the morning but I am not up early enough to see if there is a frost. The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

I received this email today thanks to Jeff Tindale. Jeff writes:

Hi Jared , Hope your hunting is as good as the fishing at the moment! Picked up these two fish , 5lb and 4lb rainbows in the last pool of the Hatepe river before it reaches the mouth last Saturday. First and third cast , couldn’t believe my luck! , GB Pheasant Tail cheers Jeff Tindale

jeff tindale april 2018.jpg


autumn fly fishing 3 jared judges pool 25042018.jpg

(Above) I decided to head out for a flick yesterday since it was such a nice sunny day here in Turangi. This is looking upstream at the Judges Pool.  I watched a few anglers come and go. The interesting thing in observing anglers over the years is most anglers head to the most likely part of the pool to fish and ignore the other 80% of the pool. I saw a few fish rising yesterday.  Mostly smaller juvenile fish which looked to be feeding on small Mayflies.  There were bees flying past me most of the time I was there. It was like Bomber Command !!

(Below) The rough white water at the top of the Judges Pool.

autumn fly fishing 5 jared judges pool head 25042018.jpg

(Below) Looking upstream from the top part of the Judges Pool.

autumn fly fishing 6 jared judges pool up 25042018.jpg

(Below) I hooked about 6 or 8 of these little fellas. They give you a bit of action but are kind of a bit of a pest really.  They usually take your flies before the bigger fish has a chance to grab them.

autumn fly fishing 2 jared 25042018.jpg

(Below) I hooked about 6 bigger fish but I only managed to land three !! The takes seemed very slight or subtle and I think they weren't really attacking the flies.

autumn fly fishing 1 jared 25042018.jpg

(Below) A darker fish from out of the faster water.

autumn fly fishing 4 jared 25042018.jpg

(Below) A rather long rainbow landed.

autumn fly fishing 7 jared 25042018.jpg

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