Thursday 26th May 2016


Overcast, no wind as of 9:00am here in Turangi.  The odd passing shower. The Tongariro is flowing about 35 cumecs, slight milky colour, highly fishable. The river looks fantastic for fishing today ... any volunteers who want to work for me ?? Give that wetline a burn !



(Above) The colour of the Tongariro River as of 8:15am this morning. 

(Below) Looking upstream from the Major Jones Swing Bridge towards the Hydro Pool in the distance.


(Below) Only one angler in the Breakfast Pool this morning.




(Above & Below) I received these photos and email this morning thanks to Jean-Pierre.  Jean-Pierre called in to see me the other day and I suggested he tie some flies out of some "really good stuff" to catch fish in these conditions .... he didn't really believe me, however here is his response.

Hi Jared ,Got 3 flies made with new material you sold me today to fish that chocolate water. Started with shooting head, lost 2 flies, no cigar. Replaced the shooting head with, sinking line and 1 last fly to try. Did the damage late afternoon. Was amazed it worked. Thanks again, enjoy the pic it was a nice fat Jack.

A loyal customer ;



(Below) The best "Catch 'O' the day" from the other day ..... a trendy piercing ! Ouch :-)


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