Sunday 26th July 2015


Overcast start to the morning today but not so cold.  Appears rain is on the way but just the odd spot of moisture falling from the sky so far this morning. If it does rain and there is quite a bit of rain then this should be of benefit to anglers if the rivers get a touch of colour to them. 

Quite a few anglers through the shop in the last three or four days have been wetliners with some having great success. 

A few anglers reported about 12-13 cars in the Tauranga-Taupo carpark yesterday with reports of quite a few anglers also staying up at the lodge. Some found that a little too congested. My pick would be stick to the Tongariro if you wish to avoid congestion. There is always somewhere on the Tongariro to fish without another angler bothering you. 15 years of doing the web report I have always found a place to fish on the Tongariro without another angler fishing there ;-)

It used to be good in the old days when the rugby used to get televised on a Saturday afternoon.  I would wait until that was on as I found the river usually emptied of anglers who headed into town to watch it at the pub ... my cue to head out and enjoy most of the river to myself :-)



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