Tuesday 26th July 2016


Overcast with light drizzly rain falling at times.  The Tongariro is flowing at 31 cumecs and is highly fishable today with either the wetline or the nymph. No wind at this stage.

A few anglers called into the store yesterday and some had caught the odd fish here and there. Might take some anglers a while to figure out where the fish have got knocked about.

After a flood like the one we had over the weekend, one would think that the fish should be gorging themselves on caddis nymphs or mayfly nymphs. There were quite a few caddis under the rocks prior to the floods and this was one big enough to dislodge them. 

I just headed down to the river at lunchtime to see what the conditions were like.  Perfect looking colour to the river.  As I arrived on the bridge an angler was just landing a fish. The picture below is the angler releasing the fish. Laying the fish in the water, taking a photo, unhooking and releasing without touching the fish too much is a bonus.  

fly fishing tongariro river release fish 26072016.jpg

(Below) A couple of anglers fishing the S.H.1 road bridge at about 12:45pm today.

fly fishing tongariro river bridge anglers 26072016.jpg

(Below) A couple more anglers fishing in the "Bridge Pool proper".

fly fishing tongariro river bridge pool 26072016.jpg

(Below) The colour of the water today. Just a nice tinge of colour to it !! Any volunteers want to work for me ???

fly fishing tongariro river water colour 26072016.jpg

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