Wednesday, 26 July 2017


Fine and sunny here in Turangi today. A cold lazy Southerly breeze is blowing through the town today. The Tongariro is highly fishable with just a touch of colour to it.

From the reports yesterday it appeared that if you couldn't catch fish then you might as well take up golf !! Nearly every angler reported catching fish and plenty of them.  By the time you arrive it might be a case of you should have been here last week. The nice colour to the river definitely helped anglers yesterday. Glo bugs appear to be on the menu. This year has been wetter and we have had a lot more floods than the previous ones. This year so far most of the fish I have caught have been on the glo bug in comparison to when the river has been carrying a lot of slime and algae. For the years when the water is low and clear and there has been plenty of slime on the rocks then using a natural fly like a caddis, pheasant tail, stonefly or hare and copper definitely  will have caught more fish than the glo bug. However some anglers are reluctant to change the type of fly they are using and then if they don't catch anything then there is usually something wrong with the Fishery ???  This year with the flooding and the river bed being scoured clean each time there is not the chance for the nymph life to really establish itself.

The main complaints from anglers so far has been that the fish have been too big and they have had trouble landing them ;-0 

A lot of anglers are upping the poundage of their nylon to try and land the fish .... downside to this is that if you use 12lb you might not get that through the eye of the fly you are using.   

In years past the bulk of the runs for RAINBOWS usually build as we head towards Spring, so a lot more fish are still to come yet. What has been a fantastic year so far should get even better (flood and weather dependent).

(Below) Peter Carty had a burn on the Tongariro yesterday morning with his double handed gear and landed this nice fat rainbow on one of his intruder style patterns.

peter carty intruder fly 24072017.jpg


(Below) Gordon Baker also sent in this picture and email of a nice fat brown that he caught the other day.  Gordon writes:

Hi Jared
Landed Monday morning. 3.75 kg


gordon baker brown 24072017.jpg


(Below) Local angler Graham Hamilton was out fishing Lake Taupo and landed these two nice solid rainbows that look like they were ready to run the rivers.

x graham hamilton lake taupo 24072017.jpg



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