Thursday 26th July 2018


Overcast with showers passing through. A slight SW breeze. The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

I managed to get out for a flick on the Tongariro on Tuesday.  My day off coincided with some nice sunny weather for a change, so I thought I would go for an explore.  I started off at the Hydrop Pool and wandered my way up through the Kamahi, Admirals and up to the tail of the Cicada Pool.

turangi fishing report a jared 24072018.jpg

(Above) I landed this hen at the Hydro Pool on the wetline.

(Below) Looking off the Cliff to the town side of the Hydro Pool.  Just one angler fishing here.


turangi fishing report b jared hydro pool cliff 24072018.jpg


turangi fishing report c jared 24072018.jpg

(Above) What a cracker day it was on Tuesday.  There was a good frost so I started about 10:00am to let the frost lift and allow other anglers to freeze and then head home. This is looking across the farmland to the Umukarikari Range. Walking along here I caught up with Ivan and his mate ho had an early start and were heading back home. They had just done what I was about to do. They were a little hot in their neoprene waders.

(Below) The tail of the Kamahi Pool.  A nice place to fish on a nice day. I never saw any other anglers fishing for the rest of the day. I am finding few anglers seem to be fishing these parts of the river.

turangi fishing report d jared kamahi pool 24072018.jpg

(Below) Looking upstream to the head of the Kamahi Pool.

turangi fishing report e jared kamahi pool 24072018.jpg

(Below) I hooked this coloured up jack on about the fourth cast ... hey Ivan, I hooked it on that white maggot I was showing you.

turangi fishing report f jared 24072018.jpg

(Below) Not long after I landed this nice fresh rainbow hen. I hooked about another four but they got off.  Some jumping up to the surface and rolling, others I must have just tickled the sides.

turangi fishing report g jared 24072018.jpg

(Below) Here is the evidence of another hook-up.  I always check my flies after I loose a fish to see if I still have the hooks and to see if there are any " Contact Lenses " on the hook.  If you don't take these off then you wont hook any more fish. So why do I call them contact lenses ?  The first is a bit like making CONTACT with Aliens or making CONTACT with the enemy.  I have made CONTACT with the fish .... the second reason is they look like a contact lense that VIP's use ( Visually Impaired Persons ).

turangi fishing report h jared 24072018.jpg

(Below) I wandered my way on up to the Admirals Pool.  This is the tail of the pool.

turangi fishing report i jared admirals pool 24072018.jpg

(Below) Looking across to the Admirals Pool carpark.  This is the pool where fish go to view anglers looking over the edge.  I can imagine a group of fish in this pool saying  " Oh look Gerorge we have two anglers checking us out today ! I wonder how many we will see tomorrow "


turangi fishing report j jared admirals pool carpark 24072018.jpg

(Below) Looking upstream to the head of the Admirals Pool.  I hooked and landed a slim hen in the pool.  The weather turned not long after these photos.  A cold shower came through and it felt like I nearly developed frostbite in my thumb and forefinger.  I couldn't tie a knot.  

turangi fishing report k jared admirals pool 24072018.jpg

(Above) Looking upstream to the run above the Admirals Pool. This is when it ws really cold !!

turangi fishing report l jared above admirals 24072018.jpg

(Below) I worked my way up to the tail of the Cicada Pool.  By this stage in the cold I had had enough.

turangi fishing report m jared cicada pool tail 24072018.jpg





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