Friday 26th August 2016


Overcast with a bit of sun trying to poke through. No wind. The Tongariro is flowing at about 38 cumecs and is highly fishable this morning with some slight colour. The barometer is down to 994hpa and with the rain and slightly higher river levels then this is prime conditions for more runs to move (any volunteers who want to work for me while I go fishing??)

Today is ideal for wetlining with the slightly higher flows, especially with a little bit of colour.

Andrew was out and about this morning and reported quite a few anglers fishing in the Tongariro after the heavy rain from last night. You can also check out his videos on our Facebook Page.


fly fishing new zealand tongariro river boulder 2 pool 21082016.jpg

(Above) A little bit more delayed coverage. Looking upstream to the "Boulder Pool" from last Sunday when I was out and about. This day was nice and sunny and warm and I even spotted Mayflies hatching ..... this is good to see for the "dry fly enthusiasts".

(Below) A zoomed out shot of the picture above.  I have the issue that there are too many places to fish and too little time to get out there and do it !!

fly fishing new zealand tongariro river boulder 1 pool 21082016.jpg

(Below) This is most likely the reason why the pool above is called the "Boulder Pool". I don't think this rock is going anywhere in a hurry.  The pool below here is called the Big Bend.

fly fishing new zealand tongariro river boulder 3 pool 21082016.jpg

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