Tuesday 26th September 2017


Overcast with rain falling at times. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable this morning. Perfect for wetlining and nymphing.

We just had a few days of some relatively nice Spring weather. Nice and sunny and mildly warm. I managed to get out for a burn yesterday after doing my chores like ... mowing lawns etc. 

I had a new Scientific Angler fly line to test. This one is called the ART or All Round Taper. I managed to stretch it a few times ;-) It cast really well, nice and slick and smooth and loaded my rod well. 

With the sun out most fish took the smaller naturals.  I got one on my bomb and only one on my glo bug.  I saw the odd Mayfly floating past but nothing rising. There is still the odd really nice fresh run fish coming through the Tongariro at present.  I saw a few other anglers landing some good fish too. This time of the year usually holds good numbers of fish in the river. 

Andrew reported some evening rise activity last night .... not massive amounts but just starting. 

Also don't forget that Lakes Kuratau and Otamangakau open for fishing on 1st October.  

Upper Reaches of fishable rivers DO NOT open until 1st December. 

spring 3 rainbows tongariro river 25092017.jpg

(Above) A nice fresh run Spring Tongariro River rainbow. 

spring 1 rainbows tongariro river 25092017.jpg

(Above) A few fish are now on the turn in terms of having been in the river for a while. 

(Below) This was a really nice conditioned fish and put up a great fight but it had a deformed back. It had a funny kind of bend in it.  I have seen a few like this over the years.  

spring 2 ranbows tongariro 25092017.jpg


spring 4 tongariro rainbows 25092017.jpg


spring 5 rainbows tongariro 25092017.jpg


spring 6 rainbows tongariro 25092017.jpg

(Below) The only fish I got on a glo bug. All the fish put up some great fights.  Most were looking to feed on small natural nymphs.

spring 7 rainbows tongariro 25092017.jpg

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