Monday 26th October 2015


Good morning statutory holiday. After a beautiful and sunny day yesterday, this morning its a little more overcast and when I wrote up the weather report I was surprised to see thunder and lightening was in the forecast for later today. So I hope that everyone on there way home today has a safe drive and get home before the bad weather hits. To those who came to Turangi for the weekend I hope you all had a nice weekend. 

Yesterday I had a friend from Australia go out for a fish on the Tongariro and he said that the river was as clear as days and he could see plenty of fish but unfortunately his skills were a little behind par and he didn't manage to catch anything. Hopefully today he has better luck. 

Have chatted to a few anglers and they have said that Saturday the water was coloured but over night it had cleared up surprisingly quickly, BUT in saying that this morning I had an angler say he got a 7.5 pound jack in the northern pool area, and another one say that he caught three in the weekend. So the fish are out there, some might be looking a little thinner in size but if your here for the enjoyment of fishing then the fish are still in there. 



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