Wednesday 26th October 2016


Sunny start this morning with cloud about.  Some heavy rain early in the morning but as of 9:00am the Tongariro is fishable. A slight breeze at this stage. Wow did it pour down early this morning.  Hasn't really done too much to the river though. It is up to about 31/32 cumecs.  A good flow for the wetline or swtich/skagit fishing. 

Reports over the last few days have had some nice silver fish on the dry / evening rise. Also anglers that are fishing are reporting plenty of fish in the Tongariro.  The odd one getting busted off by "something huge".

Some good reports filtering though from Lake Taupo from the Trollers. Not too much on the way of jigging yet.  Would be nice to get some sunshine as the last few weeks has been pretty "GREY" !!!!

A few reports filtering through from Lake "O" ... the odd person doing ok, some reporting smaller fish ... and others reporting "too bloody cold and windy".


(Below) I received this email and photo yesterday thanks to Jason Bleibtreu of River Birches.  Jason writes:

Hi SL,

Here is one for the table.



jason bleibtreu tongariro rainbow 25102016.JPG


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