Thursday 26th October 2017


Overcast conditions clearing to fine and sunny this morning. Slight breeze as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is fishable and flowing at about 30 cumecs. 

I managed to have a few days off over Labour Weekend so haven't really caught up with what has been going on.

During the start of Labour Weekend quite a few boat anglers were calling into the shop.  Seems like most have caught fish and they appear to be on a variety of lures too.  Traffic Light Cobras, Silver and Red lures, Black and Gold Toby, Green and Gold toby, Green and Yellow Cobras, Orange and Black Toby ( this one seems to have been accounting for some big fish).  The odd brown seems to have been picked up in the lake too. 

Others have been jigging and reporting fish with smelt in them.

I was travelling back past the Blue Pool road last night and it looks like the trees have started to be cleared !  Wow!!  they are having a good crack at the wilding / old man pines.  The heavy machinery has been brought in.

I received this photo and email this morning thanks to Chris de Brazin.  Chris writes:

Hi Jared,


Attached photo best fish of my Labour weekend 4lb+ I think.  Arrived Saturday to an afternoon gusty wind. Resorted to my skagit gear and scored 2 in Judges. Sunday nymphed the lower river without success but a local landed two next to me on a home-tied streamer (he’d run out of bugger materials). Remember, this is clear water. Monday saw me up river on skagit. A late start and there were 4 nymphing the pool when I arrived. They had started at dawn with no fish landed and soon left so I started swinging with a T8 but no takes, went to a T11 for depth, lengthened the leader and immediately missed a grab with the 2nd being the fish in the photo. Back to town for lunch and back up river to land another but missed on 5 other partial takes. Water very clear, but wee buggers were working well. Just goes to show, when your arthritic in your 60’s you can still catch clear-water fish using wee woolly buggers. Plenty of fish rising and birds working close to water surface. Time I think to take a dry fly kit as well regardless of time of day.




Chris de Bazin

aka Southern Meringue


chris de bazin oct 2017.jpg


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