Monday 26th November 2018


Fine but with plnty of cloud here in Turangi this morning. No rain or wind as of 9:00am.  Pete said the Tongariro was highly fishable with a touch of colour to it from overnight rain.

Some anglers have been reporting being smoked by some good fish over the last few days.  A few others have struggled to find any fish but this is usually the case.  Some good fresh fish look to have been in the Tongariro over the last week.

Jens and his brother-out-law Uwe have been doing quite well on this trip. Jens was in the shop yesterday to drop us off a plate of Canapes.  These were made from his trout roe that he was curing the other day.  Basically the hardest part of the process is removing them from the sinewy casing that holds the roe together is what he says. He then lightly salts the roe (but dont wash with water).

This is then placed on a lightly toasted and buttered piece of brown bread, a knife wave of real mayonaise with a hint of wasabi, a thin slice of boiled egg, add the trout roe and topped with a few thin slices of red onion.

If you haven't tried the roe before, I can only say it basically just dissolves in your mouth, no unpleasant aftertaste, no popping, no excessive chewing of rubber or anything like that .... just dissovling.

(Below) These are the ones Jens brought into the shop yesterday for us to try.  We had the V.I.P. ones with the greenery on ... if you were wondering what this was, Jens said it was Rocket.

trout roe canape 3 taupo fishery jens nov 2018.jpg

(Below) They look like a work of art. Jens writes:

G’day Jared,  Just a quick follow up from the other day. Made a few more trout caviar canapés for pre-dinner with some friends. 

Got voted the best ever…. 

Will try to save some left-overs for sampling if I get lucky 


Cheers Jens

trout roe canape 1 taupo fishery jens nov 2018.jpg

(Below) Look at how orange that roe is. Jens said this roe was particularly good.  This had a deep colour to it whereas he said some of the other ones he has done have been a more pale orange colour.

trout roe canape 2 taupo fishery jens nov 2018.jpg


(Below) Jens also sent in these great pictures of some Mayflies. 

tongariro river mayfly 1 jens nov 2018.jpg

(Below) I quite like this picture.  A nice golden tinge to the picture with the black background.  Mayflies form an important food source for trout in the rivers.

tongariro river mayfly 2 jens nov 2018.jpg

(Below) A well captured shot of a Mayfly and its reflections.

tongariro river mayfly 3 jens nov 2018.jpg

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