Wednesday 27th January 2016


10:35am   Good heavy rain falling now.

Overcast and raining start to the day today.  It is just a little bit cooler but still humid. The Tongariro is still highly fishable at present.  This may change later in the day if we get heavy rain.  Boy will it be humid once the sun comes out!!  The bonus is the cicadas will be on fire !  They have been chirping madly.  

I went out on Monday afternoon on the Tongariro to show my Brother-in-law how to fish with a cicada. The river still had a tinge of colour to it from the rain last week which has taken a long time to clear.  We didn't have any come up to the cicada but they all took the dropper.  Mostly smaller fish with a couple of good ones that he hooked that got off. A few others in the shop yesterday reported hooking fish on the cicada. I ended up going back to nymphing as I kept seeing water that looked really good to nymph while he was left to fish the "top".  He ended up seeming to have more "hits" than I did.


(Above) Playing the fish in the picture below.  Not overly big but very feisty !!!

(Below) Believe it or not these ones take a bit of work to land! Great fun fishing on a nice day.


(Below) This one hooked nymphing.


(Below) These are what I have referred to in the past as "Subway Fish" as they are either 6 inches or a foot long !  Heaps of them about and most likely will take the dropper. Great fun on light gear. Care in handling is essential. They thrash about a lot but I find that if handling, wet your hands first, try and leave them in the water ... also try and turn them upside down as they tend to stop thrashing then .... unhook and release. 


(Below) Another caught nymphing ... this one had a deformed spine.  It had like a hump but the spine was crooked.


(Below) Another caught nymphing.  The ones caught nymphing were all about the same size but they were strong fighters. 

My Brother-in-Law conceded that although the fish weren't big it was actually a fun way to fish and to spend the day after his experiences in the past at fishing were lobbing a glo bug in the Winter (ie nice sunny day standing in cool water ... on a day off from work is better than freezing in the middle of Winter). He now realises there are a whole lot of different ways to catch fish and to make the most of what each season brings.  Also fishing can be fun and not just for putting food on the table. 

Presenting a nice lightweight dry fly to "match the hatch" is a whole lot different than lobbing a glo bug to meat hunt.  That is why it is called the "Art of Fly Fishing"



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