Friday 27th January 2017


Fine and sunny with the odd bit of high cloud. All rivers are fishable today. Just a slight breeze as of 9:00am.  This may increase during the day.


jigging lake taupo mark 2 buttar jan 2017.jpg

(Above & Below) A couple of photos and email sent in yesterday thanks to P. Nut. 

Hi Jared - a chilly morning to start the day, but with no wind for a change, the lake was beautiful and calm for the first couple of hours. Went jigging near Pukawa with Daniel and Luke and we brought home 5 great conditioned fish. The largest was 4lb (58 cms) and the smallest was 2.5lb (42 cms). Also landed a smallish catfish as well! Ginger Mick and Green Orbit doing the damage this morning.
I've heard a rumour that the fish size limit might be dropping this year - any news from your end on that?  Best regards - P.Nut

jigging lake taupo mark 1 buttar jan 2017.jpg

(Below) Andrew and I decided to have a fish off the Kuratau Spit on Tuesday after work. A long time coming due to the constant wind, so Tuesday was the first day of opportunity to get out there.

lake taupo fly fishing 1 kuratau 24012017.jpg

(Above) Andrew fishing off the Kuratau Spit on Tuesday evening. The lake was nice and calm.  We saw a few fish slashing on the surface within casting range. There was plenty of smelt cruising the edges in the shallow water. I managed to hook one rainbow on a Black Magic Jelly Bean.  That fish is one of the skinniest I have landed ... I think my fly line had more condition than that fish!!

(Below) Unfortunately as the evening progressed the wind whipped up from the West and it was starting to get unpleasant at the Spit. We decided to move around to the Kuratau River Mouth. This is Andrew fishing in the rip. 

lake taupo fly fishing 2 kuratau 24012017.jpg

(Below) As it got dark the fish started to rise so Andrew whipped on a Caddis Dry Fly and secured this nice 6lb brown. 

lake taupo fly fishing 3 kuratau 24012017.jpg

(Below) A few fish were splashing on the surface.  The bigger ones we thought were trout and there were some smaller splashes which turned out to be catfish.  Andrew landed three catfish on the dry fly.

lake taupo fly fishing 4 kuratau 24012017.jpg

(Below) Fishing in Style !!  I took the gear to cook up a feed .... hunger overcame us and the Venison sausages won out !

lake taupo fly fishing 5 kuratau 24012017.jpg

(Below) Why not enjoy fishing with some fine food..... I was told that if you have different colour groups then the food must be healthy ... here we have green, orange, white , yellows and red .... with just a smidgeon of fat .. it's gotta be good for you.

lake taupo fly fishing 6 kuratau 24012017.jpg

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