Saturday 27th January 2018


Overcast. Hot and humid. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is fishable and still flowing at about 36 cumecs this morning. 

Boy did we get some Monsoon rain yesterday afternoon.  The day was nice and sunny and really hot and the clouds formed over the hills in the late afternoon and a good thunder storm happened. The heavens opened with torrential rain.  This put the river back up to about 40 cumecs.

I decided to head down to the Tokaanu Tailrace for a spin last night. Usually I see a few fish working and sometimes they are on and other times you just pass the time putting out some great casts. Andrew and Swiss Cheese decided to come down for a look as well.  They brought down their double handed fly rods. All I heard from them was "swish, swish, swish" as they were casting.  Andrew spent most of the time scrub cutting the bushes behind him ;-) 

I eventually hooked up on a rainbow.  About two and a half pounds but full of power !!

tokaanu tailrace spinning 26012018.jpg


mosquito attack feb 2007.jpg

(Above & Below) With the wetter more humid weather that we have been having, the Mosquitoes have been breeding furiously. At the change of light they have been driving anglers mad !  You manage to cast .. slap a few off you, strip the line, slap some more, strip the line, slap some more... strip the line ... slap a few more ... blow a few off your hat and away from your face ... slap a few more, strip the line a bit, slap a few more .... strip some more line and then eventually cast again and repeat the process !

I took these photos in 2007 in similar conditions at the end of January and the start of February !




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