Friday 27th April 2018


Overcast and cloudy.  No wind or rain as of 8:45am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

Well folks it is almost another month over and done with. As we head in to May we usually get more rain which entices more fish to run. Usually through May and into June are good months to secure big fresh run Tongariro River browns. Also some good runs of rainbows really start to get moving. Really concentrate on fishing if the river gets some colour to it.  This will help you. Don't wait until it gets " too clear ".  For those anglers who have struggled a bit over the last week or so in the sunny conditions this is a normal occurance for most anglers in the low, clear conditions, however the experienced angler will still enjoy plenty of success.

The experienced angler will identify most likely places for fish to be in, they will also change leader lengths, fly weights and fly choices, different sink rates for sinking lines and more importantly beat the feet and explore.

There have been some  " almost Summer condtions " to fish in over the last week with the lovely Autumn weather that we have been having. There have also been fish rising in the Tongariro.  Small Mayflies were hatching on Wednesday in the hot sunny conditions.  Just remember that this may change with a change in the weather. Reading the weather can help make you successful at fishing too. Seeing what the weather is doing and using the appropiate type of fishing technique for the conditions can make a huge difference. If you are a stickler for doing one method only and never trying new things or changing from nymphing to wetlining for example then you will seriously limit your fish catching abilities.  


hydro pool 1 autumn 27042018.jpg

(Above) Looking upstream to the Hydro Pool at 1:00pm today.  Just after I took the photo an angler walked in to have a fish.

(Below) Looking upstream from the Major Jones Swing bridge at 1:00pm. 

hydro pool 3 autumn 27042018.jpg

(Below) One angler in the Breakfast Pool and another one had just left the Major Jones Pool.  For the holiday home owners ... check out the red and orange leaves on the oak trees  .... your next visit or four will be spent picking up leaves around the bach.

hydro pool 2 autumn 27042018.jpg



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