Friday 27th May 2016


Overcast with high cloud. No rain as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is fishable for both wetline and nymphing. No wind at this stage either. Perfect for fishing.

The pictures below are thanks to local fishing guide Bill Grace. He said they caught some good fish out at the Delta over last weekend and the one below worked out to be 6lb.  A nice fresh fish. The angler holding the fish is the well known "Louie the Fish" ... and Bill said even he needs to hire the services of a good guide once in a while ;-).  These fish should have moved into the Tongariro with the extra rain and low pressure that we have been having. 

If you want to head out with Bill for a bit of action contact Bill on 027 620 7326 or 07 386 6614 or    


(Below) Bill caught up with "Paddy from the Naki" down below the S.H.1 road bridge the other day. Paddy and his mate Willy have tickled up a few fish over the last few days that they have been here ;-)


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