Wednesday 27th July 2016


Overcast with high cloud in Turangi today. Cool. No rain as of yet.  No wind yet either. The Tongariro is fishable. 

We had a few anglers in the shop yesterday that reported catching fish in the Tongariro. Some reporting fish full of caddis others with the odd nice fresh fish containing lots of roe. The fish should have gone into a feeding frenzy after that flush.  Prior to this flush the river had plenty of slime in it which usually holds a lot of nymph life. A few more anglers around today now that we have had some decent rain over the weekend.

Andrew and Paddy headed up to the Hinemaiaia River yesterday and managed to hook a few.  A couple of nice looking fresh fish coming through with the extra water. Andrew was Czech nymphing and Paddy was "normal" nymphing.  Andrew said both methods were as effective as each other.

fly fishing hinemaiaia river andrew 26072016.jpg

(Below) Paddy with a rainbow.

fly fishing hinemaiaia river paddy 26072016.jpg

(Below) Nice red spawning colours on this rainbow.

fly fishing hinemaiaia river andrew fish 26072016.jpg

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