Friday, 27 July 2018


Overcast with some high cloud and the odd patch of sunshine. A cool SW to S breeze blowing through the town as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

I managed to get out for a flick on Wednesday afternoon. I decided to have a look at the Sand Pool and the Whitikau Pool.  It was quite late in the day when I headed up there.  I was hoping it would be fairly quiet angler wise and my suspision was correct.

I wandered up to the Sand Pool.  This is the fast rapid below the tail of the Sand Pool.


turangi fishing reports a jared tongariro sand pool 25072018.jpg

(Below) The tail of the Sand Pool.  This is such a nice part of the river to fish. I can't understand why anglers want to queue up in the likes of the Bridge Pool or down at the Reed and Jones.  I would rather be here and spot no one else.

turangi fishing reports b jared tongariro sand pool 25072018.jpg

(Below) The middle of the Sand Pool.

turangi fishing reports c jared tongariro sand pool 25072018.jpg

(Below) The head of the Sand Pool.

turangi fishing reports d jared tongariro sand pool 25072018.jpg

(Below) I hooked this nice jack on my second cast !!  Everything seems to be on the second cast at the moment !! It put up a good fight.  Over the last few times out I seem to have caught a lot of jacks.

turangi fishing reports e jared tongariro sand pool rainbow 25072018.jpg

(Below) The fish above took this special caddis Peter Carty tied up for me. We called it the " Blushing Caddis " due to the tinge of red in it.

turangi fishing reports f jared tongariro rainbow trout red caddis 25072018.jpg

(Below) A few casts later I landed this jack on the same fly as above.  Notice the birds nest of nylon at the mouth.  The fish I have been catching have been jumping to the surface and doing the crocodile death roll which ends up tangling my nylon.

turangi fishing reports g jared rainbow trout jack 25072018.jpg

(Below) I caught this fish on a glo bug.  I have found over the last few times out I just can't specify a particular fly pattern for fish to take.  I have generally caught them on all sorts of flies from gold bead pheasant tails, gold bead hare and coppers, white caddis, green caddis, small glo bugs, large glo bugs of different colours.  I seem to catch one fish then hook nothing after casting for a while so then I change fly and whack another fish !!

Over the years I have also noticed that I generally catch most of my fish in the first 20-30 minutes of arriving at a pool.

turangi fishing reports h jared sand pool jack 25072018.jpg

(Below) The confluence of the Whitikau river where it meets the Tongariro River.

turangi fishing reports i jared tongariro whitikau pool 25072018.jpg

(Below) Looking down to the Fence Pool from the track.  I really like this pool.  It never seems to change much after all of the flooding that we have.  I really love the greenstone coloured water.  Should rename it the Pounamu Pool.

turangi fishing reports j jared tongariro fence pool 25072018.jpg

(Below) The tail of the Fence Pool looking downsteam to the Whitikau. I hooked a good sized Brown here on ... you guessed it ... the second cast !! I had an issue with it as it felt tail hooked and I ended up trying to net it in the rapid below.  Since my leader was long I almost had it ... lunged forward with the net and it took off ... I looked up and saw the leader wrapped around my rod and thought it might break so I grabbed the leader and pulled as the fish went forward and it got off !!  I also saw I had hooked it in the Adipose Fin !!! I walked back up to the pool and got a take on the very next cast and then nothing else.

turangi fishing reports l jared fence pool tail 25072018.jpg

(Below) Looking upstream to the head of the Fence Pool.

turangi fishing reports k jared tongariro fence pool 25072018.jpg

(Below) I swung back past the Blue Pool on the way back to the carpark. I spotted three other anglers on the way back.

turangi fishing reports m jared blue pool 25072018.jpg

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