Thursday 27th August 2015


Another fine sunny day with a good frost again this morning. A bonus for the anglers who looked like drowned rats the other day .... I wonder if they know how it feels to be a fish?  One local reported that we had got an inch and a half of rain overnight !!  The sunshine is a welcome relief and is drying things out a bit. 

Most anglers are still having a lot of fun.  The last few days have had reports from anglers catching quite large numbers of fish from the Hinemaiaia (when it wasn't too high) with my neighbour reporting catching about 30 odd fish. Most reports tend to indicate mostly darker fish but some nice ones in amongst them.

Here's a challenge ... if you can do that in the Hinemaiaia how about trying that in the Tongariro ?? 

The Firemen who have been fishing the Lake in boats at the Southern End of Lake Taupo have generally reported some good fishing out there trolling with leadlines.  Also a few others not part of the competition have reported the same. Been all sorts of lures used from what I can gather..... pinks, spotty golds, traffic lights, silver teasers. 

Spring feels like it is just around the corner.  The Cherry blossoms are in full bloom now and the grass is just starting to take off with other trees budding up... had an angler saying he saw some fish on the surface the other day. Be wary of the Spring as over the years we can almost get a false one lulling you into a sense of "it is here" only to then find yourself on the river in Hail squalls and heavy gusting wind.  The weather this year has been a lot wetter and slightly different to the last three years, so we will just have to wait and see. 



(Above & Below) Young Wiri has been tickling up the fish again.

He sent these in yesterday and writes:

Photos from this morning and the weekend







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