Saturday 27 August 2016


Overcast with the sun trying to poke through the cloud first thing this morning. The Tongariro is about 54 cumecs and is a light brownish colour but anglers are already fishing it and catching fish first thing this morning. The river appears to be on its way down after peaking at about 58 cumecs.

My suggestion is get out the wetline and give it a burn with one of Peter Carty's Intruder flies.

Wow!!! Did it blow last night.  I go woken at about midnight with the wind screaming along but so far this morning things are a bit blustery but not as bad as last night.  

(Below) Andrew was out first thing this morning before work and loaded a video to our Facebook Page and said some anglers were down in the Major Jones already catching fish. This was about 8:00am this morning. You can see that the Tongariro is at a fishable level.


fly fishing taupo major jones pool 27082016.jpg

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